February 12, 2014

The Cult of University, Ctd The university bubble

In the video above and here we are introduced to 'Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses', a book by Richard Arum with Josipa Roksa, published January 2011. The video above said:
"As with the housing bubble, cheap and readilty available credit has let people borrow huge amounts of money to finance education, and both students and parents continue to believe that whatever the cost the college education is a necessary ticket to future prosperity."
 It continued:
"The book found that as prices have been going up, learning seems to be going down, as 45% of students did not demonstrate any significant improvement in learning during the first 2 years of collegeand 36% did not demonstrate any significant improvement in learning over 4 years of college. The primary reason is that course aren't very rigorous. In fact a recent survey of over 700 schools... found that many have virtually no requirements."
And here's the money shot:
"Perhaps that's why students are studying 50% less than they were a couple of decades ago and all of this is happening even as millions of college graduates can't find jobs."
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