February 05, 2014

Art is theft, Ctd

In an article, 'There’s Nothing Wrong—and a Lot That’s Right—About Copying Other Artists' Malcolm Jones said:

"I learned to draw and paint on my own, and I did it by copying."

“I understood more about Vermeer by painting my own Vermeer … than I had ever learned by simply staring at his paintings”:

Oliver jeffers said the same:

“Any opportunity I get to see John Singer Sargent, I do. For technical ability. That’s how I learned how to paint, by dissecting his work and trying to work out, how does he make that look like an ear but he’s only done three strokes?”
Oliver Jeffers

“Only those with no memory insist on their originality.”
Coco Chanel

Andrew Sullivan wrote the piece, 'in defence of duplicating art'

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