July 20, 2013

Christopher Hitchens, segregated schools and Northern Ireland

From 43 minutes Christopher Hitchens discusses the segregation of societies through special faith schools, using Northern Ireland as a disastrous example of what can happen. The host began with a question:
"We would distinguish the cowardice of the Archbishop of Canterbury from the murderous violence of Ayman al-Zawahiri - would that be a fair distinction?"
Christopher Hitchens responded:
"No, because the Archbishop has pre-arranged his capitulation to them (Muslims). He thinks they're people of faith. The Archbishop of Canterbury says: 
I don't care if there are schools in England (this is happening now) that are run by al-Zawahiri supporters. I don't mind it. As long as you allow special schools for Christians and Jews and also special different schools for Protestants and Catholics. If you allow faith schools, we'll allow them to have faith schools.
"Cultural suicide. Don't let it happen to you. Don't let it happen where you live. Look at how wonderfully it worked, what happened in Northern Ireland when it was allowed to segregate Protestant and Catholic schools. [Hitchens internal dialogue:]
'After all they have different faiths.
Oh they do?
I thought they were both Christians. I can't arbitrate between this. No, they should have separate schools which should never meet, never inter-marry. Never socialise.'
Beautifully that worked out. Now lets have it for Jews and Muslims on the mainland. Let them lie to their children and. Let them all give their special myth. Let them all say to them that they're different. Not tell them that they're members of a civil society. Or a country. Or a nation. Let them denominate themselves by faith. 
Can't wait to see what happens. I think I know what's coming. I don't want my beloved country of birth to be turned into some fucking Lebanon by people of faith. I don't want it. I'm going to fight it too. And you should get ready to fight it when they try it in your case. Don't allow this. Putting the word faith in front of something is no excuse for barbarism and cruelty and ignorance and stupidity and Putting reverend in front of Forwell or Sharpton does not mean they should be on CNMBC. Learn to resist it because you're going to need to. This is about you."
At 43 minutes here.

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