December 05, 2018

"Look to Belfast and be a repealer if you can..."

Illustration depicting Cooke’s Challenge to O’Connell within the context of the Union.

Henry Cooke issued this challenged to Daniel O’Connell when the latter came to Belfast in January 1841:
"Look at Belfast, a glorious sight, the masted groves in the harbour, the mighty warehouse, the giant manufactories, the rapidly growing streets, all owed to the Union. Look to Belfast and be a repealer if you can."

December 03, 2018

"This everlasting teaching of hatred of England..."

Edna Longley observed:
"Irish Catholics and Ulster protestants not only tend to remember different things, but remember them in different ways."
Fiona Kennedy wrote in the Irish Times:
"When I was a child I learned from my grandmother that the Protestant heathens who lived next door had plundered and tortured us, ruined our language and culture and divided our country."

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