November 07, 2012

It's That Damn Rustic Artisan Look - It's So Hot Right Now!

Craft beer and vintage clothing is way cool. It's also big business. I discuss. [This article was originally published on Elephant Creative on October 30 2012]

These days craft is way cool: craft beer, ye olde style cider, bespoke brogues, handmade leather satchels, vintage clothes, old time décor, provincial produce and bucolic settings. That’s what the people with disposable income are buying these days. And that includes fashion conscious people in foreign markets of course! And quite rightly some people are making a killing tapping into this worldwide demand for craft and bespoke products. But isn't it ironic that in a digital age, people are baulking products from big corporations and reverting back to the small time, local look and feel of start-ups and one room ateliers?
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