July 18, 2013

Britain's Hereditocracy, Ctd

I recently wrote about the foul and filthy stench of nepotism that I experienced post-graduation in an essay for the Huffington Post entitled, 'Britain's Hereditocracy.'

This post is to be seen as an extension that furthers and extends my argument: that it's contacts and who you know that really matters. Know someone in a high place and they can make things happen. That's why I was struck by a New York Observer feature on Ta-Nehisi Coates, a now well known black blogger and author.

I'll let you find out more about him yourself because all I want to do is to present an observation he made when explaining how he made it. He said:
"[The success I've enjoyed]... shows the power of that networking. I couldn't help notice that it was one well-placed white dude talking to another well-placed white dude to get it published.”
Need I say anymore? Read more about Ta-Nehisi in the New York Observer here

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