February 20, 2014

Loyalist violence weakens the argument for Northern Ireland remaining in the Union, Ctd

Former editor of the Belfast Telegraph Jack Sayers
(Updated below)

Alf McCreary recalled what his editor at the Belfast Telegraph Jack Sayers said of Unionist extremism in a leading article in that paper on 5 November 1968: Jack Sayers said:
"The threat to Northern Ireland’s future is not… the IRA or even Nationalism. It comes from Protestant Ulstermen who will not allow themselves to be liberated from the delusion that every Roman Catholic is their enemy."
Alf McCreary himself said in 1976: "I want a society where we will have politics & not a sectarian pantomime."

My previous post in the series here. On loyalism's phantom fear here.


Ian Paisley's son, Kyle Paisley said in an interview with the News Letter:
"However, neither should loyalists use the flag issue as an excuse to stir up sectarian strife, or to attack the PSNI, to the delight of dissident republicans."

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