February 03, 2014

Britain's hereditocracy, Ctd

In 'The Son Also Rises', a study of social mobility by Gregory Clark, will surprise and also alarm some people. By using surname patterns he showed that mobility is minimal in all societies where data is available even in the Nordic paradise of Sweden. He said:
"In all societies, what seems to matter is just who your parents are. At the extreme, we see in modern Sweden an extensive system of public education and social support. Yet underlying mobility rates are no higher in modern Sweden than in pre-industrial Sweden or medieval England."
Ed West then said of the left's political correctness tick and impulse to censor:
"The Left is terrified of the science around the human brain and human evolution, and goes out of its way not only to deny what is clearly true, but also to call out, harass and stigmatise anyone who argues it."
Ed West in full here.

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