February 10, 2014

Peter O'Mahony - Retuning our definition of success

Munster and Ireland rugby player Peter O'Mahony (@peterom6) was named Man of the Match after Ireland's victory of Wales in the second weekend of the 2014 6 Nations (report here, video highlights here). O'Mahony was applauded and heralded by pundits, rugby fans and commentators across the board. O'Mahony commented after the match:
"I’m getting there. I'm always learning. There is still a lot of work to be done. I’m far from the finished article but I’m enjoying it at the moment. I’m learning a lot under the new coaching staff and I’m learning a lot from the players I’m playing alongside as well."
I previously wrote of the Irish born Grenoble rugby player James Hart here. In a feature in The Sunday Times Peter O'Reilly explained how James Hart had experienced failure but bounced back, refused to give up and spent hours putting in extra practice.

There is an automatic cultural assumption that you either have it or you don't. Peter O'Mahony and James Hart are students for life. They never stop. They have never learnt enough. They have the hunger and the resilience to know that defeat is not failure but a lesson.

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