June 02, 2013

Youth unemployment in Ireland

Fintan O'Toole on the effects here:


"Imagine the populations of Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford cities put together. They amount to about 400,000 people. That’s about the number of people who will be absent from the Republic of Ireland in 2026 if things continue as they are going. If emigration remains at the levels it has reached because of economic collapse and so-called austerity, the long-term effect will be monumental."

One last go from Fintan here:

The old habit has reasserted itself: emigration substitutes for change and the lack of change reinforces emigration. Without a radical shift of direction, the Famine will continue into the next generation.

Robert Shiller, author of irrational exuberance on slate magazine here:


Survey has shown 300,000 have emigrated in last 4 years:


While 90% of rural youth have considered emigration:


Youth organisations in Ireland are warning that the number of young people emigrating could be devastating for the country's economy.


While in Northern Ireland youth unemployment is at 23.8%

In case you've forgotten: youth unemployment in Northern Ireland stands at 23.8% - Disgraceful. Shameful! http://t.co/20RyS2SBNR

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