June 13, 2013

Timeline of NI21

September 9 2013 - 
Basil McCrea puts ‘robust’ case for Union to Sinn Fein meeting - Regional - Belfast Newsletter: 

August 28 2013 - 

August 19 2013 -
Basil McCrea in QUB blog - 'Compromise After Conflict':

July 13 2013 -
'The Catholic Unionists' wrote Gerry Moriarty in the Irish Times:

July 12 2013 -
John McCallister wrote in Belfast Telegraph: 'It's time for Stormont to develop a maturity.'

July 10 2013 -
'In full: proposal for opposition at Stormont' - News Letter coverage as public consultation into John McCallister's private member's bill is launched (Assembly Reform (Opposition) Bill).

July 8 2013 -
In the Stormont Assembly Basil McCrea calls again for Official Opposition in light of Spotlight revelations, here.

July 7 2013 -
Basil McCrea gives YouTube update on SF event, Spotlight revelation and other developments, here.

July 4 2013 -
Huff Post blogger Jason A Murdock asked: 'Can NI21 Change the Face of Northern Irish Politics?'

July 2 2013 - 
Irish Times reports on NI21 at SF summer school and reported that Basil said border poll would be divisive in Northern Ireland, here.
NI21 unhappy with AERC report into Stormont Opposition, see here.
NI21 takes firms stance against homophobia in Stormont, see here.
Commitment to tackling homophobia well received by Twitter community, see here.
'Convergence: the new consensus in N Ireland' in the Scotsman. 

July 1 2013 -
Basil and Mary Lou McDonald interviewed after debate on border poll, see here.
Audio recording hereVideo here

June 29 2013 -
John O'Dowd urges republicans to listen to what Basil said at SF summer school, see here.

June 28 2013 - 
Basil reflects on Obama visit to Northern Ireland, here.

June 19 2013 - 
The Tyrone Times reported that DUP MLA Ian McCrea called NI21 "chameleons", see here.

June 18 2013 -
An Phoblacht reports that Basil is to speak at SF summer school here.
NI21 confirms intention to introduce bill that would revoke labels on designation.

June 17 2013 -
'Alex Kane suggests NI21 could gain 6 Assembly seats in 2016', writes Brian John Spencer.

June 16 2013 -
 'Can NI21 appeal to the Great Silent Minority?' asks Bill White of LucidTalk.

June 15 2013
In an interview with Alex Kane, Peter Robinson said that NI21 offer nothing new, here.

June  15 2013 -
Alex Kane writes about, 'The new party girl' Tina McKenzie in the Belfast Telegraph, as in image below:

June 14 2013 - 
Alan in Belfast covers Tina McKenzie's feature on Lisburn's 98FM, 'NI21′s chair Tina McKenzie on why she got involved, party labels and Alliance'.
Breidge Gadd wrote in the Irish News, 'NI21 has no debt of loyalty to pay', in the image below:

Alex Kane wrote in the Irish News, 'Catholic Unionist quest an exercise in folklore', as in the image below:

The Irish News also reported that, 'NI21 will tweet more as gaeilge', as in image below

June 13 2013 -
Writeup by BBC political reporter, Stephen Walker: 'New unionist party tweets in Irish'
Brian John Spencer writes, 'NI21 Tweets in Irish'.

June 12 2013 -
Mid-Ulster Mail writes, 'NI21 targets Mid-Ulster ‘non-voters’'

June 11 2013 - 
Fermanagh Herald writes, 'Fermanagh is in our plans, says leader of new unionist party'.

June 10 2013 - 

Alex Kane wrote in the News Letter, 'Not a bad start, but the real work begins now for NI21'
Article by Spanish blogger under the title, 'Presentado oficialmente 'NI21' de McCrea y McCallister'.

June 9 2013 -
Article by Irish language news site, An Tuairisceoir entitled, 'An mbeidh rath ar pháirtí úr Mhic Rath?' Translates into English as, 'will there be success for McCrea's new party?' As retweeted here.

June 8 2013 - 
Liam Clarke in the Belfast Telegraph wrote, 'NI21's task is to live up to expectations'.
Liam Clarke writes again, 'It was all laughs at NI21 party launch... but just 11 hours later Basil put his foot in it as he seemed to back polygamy on radio'.
Sam McBride writes, 'Hours after launching, NI21 in polygamy row'.

June 7 2013 - 
Gerry Moriarty in the Irish Times writes, 'New pro-union party launched in Belfast will be modern and inclusive, its leaders pledge'.
David Vance on A Tangled Web writes, 'Yes, it’s what Northern Ireland has been CRYING out for – a new UNIONIST Party!  We just don’t have enough, do we? cough!'
Hoboroadblog writes, 'Another Unionist Party'.
Irish News report headlines, 'Leader of new party NI21 seeks to enthuse non-voters'.
Sam McBride writes in the News Letter, 'NI21 may be a new party, but will face age-old dilemmas'.
Rebecca Black in the News Letter wrote, 'NI21 has crowd clamouring to hear political vision'.

June 6 2013 - 
Launch speech by party leader Basil McCrea in full here, published by the Belfast Telegraph.
Launch speech by John McCallister here.
Claire Cromie in the Belfast Telegraph writes, 'Basil McCrea and John McCallister launch new political party NI21'.
Alan in Belfast on Slugger O'Toole, 'NI21 launches – looking for fresh voices rather than defectors'.
Stephen Nolan featured party on his show and later published audioboo, 'Will Basil McCrea & John McCallister's new party NI 21 "offer a robust & constructive opposition" at Stormont?'

June 4 2013 -  
Alex Kane wrote in the Belfast Telegraph, 'Pros and cons to success for latest pro-Union party'.
News Letter: 'McCrea won’t confirm ‘NI21’ party name'
BBC NI: 'Basil McCrea and John McCallister's new party is NI21'.

May 14 2013 - 
Brian John Spencer writes, 'Prelaunch Meeting of NI21'.

May 12 2013 - 
Alan in Belfast on Slugger O'Toole penned a piece entitled, 'Team Jasil – that’s John and Basil – say: “Get off your backsides and vote for people that are trying to make a difference”.'

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