June 26, 2013

Exhibition: "Belfast Faces and Famous Places"

The exhibition at the independent coffee shop, Common Grounds opened on June 7 2013 and will run until mid-July.

You can read a preview of the exhibition by freelance journalist Amanda Poole here. You can also listen to the opening speech by Eamonn Mallie here and below:

listen to ‘Listen to @EamonnMallie launching @BrianJohnSpencr's #BelfastFaces exhibition - see it in @commongroundsni’ on Audioboo

Below is a selection of some of the pieces featured in the exhibition. You can see a full gallery here.


Above left is "Steve", a man synonymous with Common Grounds. Part of the furniture effectively. You can see my chat about Common Grounds with Steve here. Above right is well known Belfast face and journalist, Eamonn Mallie.


Above left is another Common Grounds regular and on the left is Rory McIlroy.

Above is the shop front of the Hudson Bar, a real favorite of mine as it is more than a bar - its the symbol of Belfast city centre's renaissance. It's the thing that gives us hope that the north Belfast side of the city centre has a bright future.

Above is a picture of famous Belfast face, David Torrans, proprietor of No Alibis. An independent and much loved Belfast bookstore.

You can watch a video here of me chatting with "Steve" from Common Grounds what Common Grounds does and what it stands for.

You can also watch a video with Steve talking about my work and some of his favorite pieces here.

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