June 01, 2013

Uni Applications up in Northern Ireland, Down in England and Wales

Newspaper cutting is from p.14 of the June 1 2013 edition of the Guardian. It found that applications in England and Wales are well below pre-free rise highs. While applications to universities in Northern Ireland and Scotland remains unchanged.

This follows on from Guardian coverage on the topic which came in April, telling a similar story:

"The number of students who have submitted applications so far this year stands at 601,619 – 2.5% more than in 2012 but lower than in 2010 (-3.74%). Compared with 2010, English students' applications have fallen most sharply (-7.2%), while the number of Welsh applicants is also down (-3.8%). Numbers applying in Northern Ireland (+5.3%) and Scotland (+0.2%) have increased."

Article in full here: http://m.guardian.co.uk/uk/2013/apr/30/university-applications-tuition-fees-rise

Just like @QueensUBelfast, US college grads are overqualified, underemployed & in debt http://t.co/Zk9U31jcsA via @Circa @DaleJStephens

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