October 21, 2014

Artists are labourers to their unconscious

Scottish artist John Byrne with a self-portrait. More John Byrne self-portraits here.
[UPDATE - Zadie Smith said: "[My] writing was an explosion of 18 years worth of reading all the time."
Graham Linehan talked about "practical procrastination" and said: "Your subconscious is this huge glacial thing under water that’s just doing a lot of work when you don’t realise it."]

Agnes B said on Radio 4:
"When you are designer you are like a sponge you don’t know where ideas come from."
John Byrne said:
"I am the labourer to my unconscious."
Michael Longley said:
"The raw material of experience… needs to settle to an imaginative depth where it can be transformed and emerge as art."
Francis bacon said:
"There’s this deep sea which we call the unconscious which we know nothing about. I always hope the most wonderful images will emerge from it."

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