October 04, 2014

My work with Michael Deane

[UPDATE - also read this post here]

It all began with a chance tweet and a simple cartoon as explained here in my 'The Artist's Journey' series, and in even more detail my journey is described here. That original cartoon, created on a wet March Saturday afternoon after rugby coaching and before going into town to sit in Waterstones all day, was then used in the Michael Deane signature wine, 'Chez Deano', which you can see below.

But before that came into the shops I was asked to produce some art. And below is what I produced, the 'Horsemeat' collection inspired by the original Michael Deane man, which you can see here and here and below.

At this time I also produce a large canvas of Michael Deane as a Simpsons character with Matt Groening yellow.

The above came from the below sketch with paint I produced on a whim.

Following on from the original Michael Deane drawing and the 'Horsemeat' collection I was then asked to produce a large canvas of Decano Man, which you can see here, here and below. This was a hell of a job. The commission came in about 3 in the afternoon and with a preferred deadline, the next day. I took to the occasion and channeled the nerves, enthusiasm and sense of opportunity. Worse than the deadline was the request that the background match the wall paint in the shop. The actual drawing and painting of the Decano Man is pretty easy; the background colour was a real concern and worry. Somehow I pulled it off and what you see below is what is now on the wall of Deane and Decano on the Lisburn Road.

I also took the chance to produce a 3-part canvas series of Michael Deane on the bus and on the beach which you can see here and below.

Then came the Michael Deane signature prosecco label which can be seen below.

Next was the Deanes Meatlocker Malbec wine label, which you can see below.

Which led to two large wall installations. The first explained here.

And the other wall installation here.

Then following on from some experimenting with clay I produced a clay model of the Decano Man which you can see below.

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