November 30, 2013

The Third Way - Where are the moderates?

I made a brief address:
"I come from long tradition in NI. People who have shut up and put up. The muzzled moderate. Right across the world we are seeing the emergence of a global youth protest movement. Where young people in Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey are rebelling against the sweaty mullahs who're trying to impose a theocracy and close the door on the 21st Century. In the 1970s under Vaclav Havel, this was called the power of the powerless. The use of parody, satire and writing to fight communism. Now through social media we can express the frustration of the empowered. 
Alex Kane said the moderate has become the opt-out-couldn't-care anymore. David McCann has highlighted the plight of the generation emigration. 
I want to cite John Hewitt who said, 'creed crazed zealots and the ignorant crowd/ long nurtured, never checked in their ways of hate/ have made Northern Ireland a byword for offence./ This is my country, never disavowed/ when it's fouled, shall we not remonstrate?' 
I've written before that the loyalist flag protesters and wrecked are not British, they're Brutish. We need to investigate and expose the sham and their complete absence of vision or alternatives. This is urgent. You cannot be neutral, indifferent or abstentionist."
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