November 28, 2013

Phil Mickelson on Facing Adversity

Phil Michelson won the British Open 2013 at Muirfield, Scotland thanks to his unbending determination to win, work hard and never give up. This victory in particular contrasts with his coming runner up only a month previous in June 2013, when he sat second in the US Open for the 6th time. On the day after his Sunday 22 July victory, Radio 4 played a clip of the winner Mickelson who reflected on his win. He said:
"You have to be resilient in this game. You have to accept losses. You have to use it as motivation as opposed to letting it defeat you. You have to use it as motivation to work harder and come back strong and these last couple of weeks, these last couple of months I've played some of the best golf of my career."

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