October 28, 2013

Christianism versus Christianity

Andrew Sullivan explains here:
"And when Francis says ideology, he means (I think) both a neurotic and public fixation on a set of truths or doctrines – and also a fusion of religion and politics. This is the distinction I have tried to make between Christianism (an ideology) and Christianity (a faith). Ridding the latter of the former could do a huge amount to improve public life – and politics – in America."
How well this translates to affairs in Northern Ireland where religious certainty and absolutism drives political debate and street protests. As Rod Liddle said in the Sunday Times of October 27 2013, mutual loathing is a great way to help foster a sense of community, and thus contentment (as per Northern Ireland people being so content according to the recent survey): "Marching up and down wearing bowler hats and occasional knee-capping are enjoyable activities that help to foster a sense of community, and hence contentment. So, too, does mutual loathing based on ill-conceived religious and political certitudes. There is nothing quite so life-affirming as knowing you are utterly right and those people over there are utterly wrong… It is doubt that fosters unhappiness."

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