October 27, 2013

Art is hard, Ctd

Juliette Aristides said in her book on drawing, 'Leasons in Classical Drawing':
"In my atelier, students routinely struggle for the first few months of their training, seemingly making no progress at all. And then, all of a sudden, they make a drawing that is a major breakthrough. This is often followed by a disheartening slide back for a week or so. But before long they have a baseline of solid technical skill; this rock-solid start becomes the norm rather than the exception. Expect this cycle. If you know it is coming, you will find it easier to wait it out."
She continued: "Each hard-won drawing allows you to bring a new skill to your next one. You will soon learn to take shortcuts and streamline the process. My experience has shown me time and time again that the students who can hang in there and keep focus gain ownership of the material very quickly."

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