October 11, 2013

The mad-dog ravings of an ultra-nationalist

Jamie Byrson penned an article for the QUB conflict blog here. The jottings of a paranoid conspiracist who is calling for the removal of modernity.

The superstitious ravings sound just like the recent BNP press release which denounced the The Quilliam Foundation. It read:
"The Quilliam Foundation is run by 'ex' Hizb ut Tahrir extremists who are now taking a gradualist, Fabian approach to Islamising Britain. They are therefore financed both by Wahhabi Gulf states AND by the British government."
The same sort of suspicion-soaked writing and rhetoric of Bryson and friends who paint a world that is being taken over by republicans. The recent calls by Jim Dowson for protestants to breed more sound just like a plagiarism of a BNP press release from a while back here.


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