September 13, 2013

Tim Stanley - America is exceptional

Writing in The Telegraph Tim Stanley counters suggestions Americaisn't  exceptional. He said: 
"Vlad is wrong: America is exceptional. But it's not exceptional because of its military or the unique genius of its people. It's exceptional because of its revolution and the Constitution that it created. Putin disregards this because he disregards democracy and human rights. Obama, however, doesn't help matters on the exceptionalism front because he fails to promote the principles and ethics of that Constitution. Limited government, free markets, respect for the individual and religious liberty: these are what makes America unique. Alas, they are not things that Barack Obama very much cares or talks about – so if the US doesn't seem particularly exceptional right now, that's why. It's led by a man who doesn't really understand his own country, so he doesn't really understand how to represent it on the world stage."

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