September 03, 2013

Children start school in nappie

This is how the Times of London covered it:
"Some four-year-olds arrive at school in nappies and are unable to speak or recognize their own name, a report has warned. 
The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), a right-of-centre think tank set up by the former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith, said that it was “heartbreaking” that some children starting school were unable to socialise and acted as though they were 12 to 18 months old.
The study into the roots of educational failure in England also warns that white working-class boys are in danger of becoming an “educational underclass” because they lag far behind the majority of pupils. 
The report, Requires Improvement, was drawn up by a group of education experts chaired by Sir Robin Bosher, of the Harris Federation of Academies and a former primary school head teacher. It also claims that six per cent of boys between four and five years old do not know that English is read from left to right and top to bottom. 
It says: “Staff.. are increasingly expected to deal with basic development issues like potty-training. In some schools, we have heard that it is so common for the pupils to need help going to the toilet that teachers must routinely carry disposable hand gloves."
Read in full here.

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