September 05, 2013

Northern Ireland needs a poet

I wish I could find it but I can't. It's happened to us all. You read something that reaches inside you. The sort of words and writing that you could lap up all day. I can't remember when or where I read the article and passage but it went something like this:
"Northern Ireland/Ireland needs a national poet to talk us through this."
People that know me and who read this blog will know of my firm belief in the power of words, satire, humour and irony to pull down and show the futility of the madness enacted on the streets and in politics.

Here's a great observation made in the Irish Times which encapsulates the need for a nationally relevant poet that can sum up the situation in a simple phrase and who can maybe posit some ideas and even a solution. The commenter went by the title JayGee and said in response to an article written by Malachi O'Doherty:
"I have a collection of poetry called "A Rage For Order" (poetry of the Northern Ireland Troubles) published by The Blackstaff Press in 1992, and edited by Frank Ormsby. I found more truth and regret and love and sorrow in its verse than all the rantings of sectarian politicians.  
For me and my own sense of loss and bewilderment it accomplishes more than any 'Truth Commission' ever could and for any one seeking solace in truth I recommend its humane and moving pages."

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