September 12, 2013

Poem - "I am a Syrian"

From the misery of a bloody and brutal civil war, new poets, poetry and cultural creations are emerging. As the Syria-Canadian writer Ghada al-Atrash said:

"Today there is literature coming out of Syria that we could have never even dreamed of just a few years ago."

As expatriate Syrian writer Ghias al-Jundi said:

"A lot of poetry and beautiful lyrics are rising up from the ashes in Syria. There is a cultural side to the revolution, and it's brilliant."

As Mohja Kahf said, thanks in part to the Internet and social media platforms, "A new Syrian identity and literary tradition are being formed around the events of the last few years."

Ghias al-Jundi also explained that poetry in Syria is also playing a role of protest:

"[Poetry is] playing a huge role in Syria right now because the lyrics are part of demonstrations. People are singing these verses together in the streets."

A poem by Youssef Bou Yihea, "I am a Syrian":

"My sect is the scent of my homeland, the soil after the rain, and my Syria is my only religion."

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