August 12, 2013

Rahm Emanuel On Helping 'The Troubled' Youth


The Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanual known as 'The Fighting Bull' has taken a tough stance on crime, violence and failing schools. The situation sounds very similar to Northern Ireland. But the difference is that Chicago is actively addressing the problems. And so it's from leaders like Rahm Emanuel and his administration that we can learn from.

TIME Magazine Cover, June 10, 2013

Read the Time Magazine feature on Rahm Emanual and how he is working to turn around the 'violence-plagued' city of Chicago here. At 30 minutes into a discussion with Charlie Rose, the Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel explained how his administration is tackling underachievement and youth delinquency, especially among African-Americans. He said:

“There is a programme called BAM (Becoming A Man), a programme for at-risk adolescents. There’re about 7,000 young men who we need to give the right type of mentoring, guidance and nurturing so that they can make the right choices.”

This is what we need for Northern Ireland. We need to help 'The Troubled.' Cartoon below is by Norwegian cartoonist Morten Morland who works for the Times of London and the Spectator. 

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