August 10, 2013

Bill Gates On Reading And Making Notes On Books

Even though we're living in the digital age, I still love the smell and feel of reading from a book. Something I just can't get away from, no matter how digitised I become. It's the detachment and escape that it brings; it's a special thing the paper book.
And I have one special habit when I read a book: I make copious notes. Covering the cover, back sides, pages and jacket with a copious amount of notes. A habit others have thrown a dubious expression at.
But this is a habit I share with Bill Gates who explained to Charlie Rose in a recent discussion, here and at the bottom (at 47 minutes), his reading and note taking habits. Take a look at the various photos on this post which captures Bill Gates explaining his process.
In the photo immediately below Bill shows Charlie his book bag which includes everything he is reading or intends to read: 
 In the photo below Bill Gates explains how he takes notes inside the same book he is reading:
In the photo below you can see a shot of the inside leaf of a book covered from top to bottom with notes. Bill Gates then explained that he later writes up the notes and publishes them on his blog, The Gates Notes.
In the video below, you can hear Bill Gates explain to Charlie Rose about how he reads and how this process informs his decisions and philanthropic endeavours:

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