August 16, 2013

Northern Ireland - The Old Order is Pushing Out The Best and Brightest

The above comment thread says:
"I'm a student at Queen's [University Belfast]. When I'm finished with my degree I'm probably going to get the hell out of Northern Ireland. I'm sick of the same old sectarian bullshit arguments peddled over and over again."
And another:
"I left for university. I've never looked back (except in despair and trepidation)." 

This darkness contrasts with the brightness of the news that Northern Ireland's A-levels students performed best of those on the home islands, see here.

Read the original Guardian editorial and comment section that followed the DUP decision to step back on the Maze decision here, 'Northern Ireland: history's hard lessons: It takes generations, even centuries, before the wounds heal sufficiently for rival communities to share a historical narrative.'

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