August 14, 2013

Alex Kane - Northern Ireland Needs A New Political Generation

Alex Kane also said on
"The present generation of former warriors and cement-footed political parties is not going to be able to drop the recriminatory language or whataboutery. It’s all they know. It’s all they have ever known. They are too old and too set in their ways to learn new tricks: so set in their ways that they have already lined up the spanky new clones to fill their shoes and seats. 
Northern Ireland needs a new political generation, a new agenda and new political parties. It needs people who will work together to make Northern Ireland a success. It needs a generation of politicians who will refuse to accept that stalemate, mutual veto and same-old, same-old elections are the best we can hope for."
Justice McCarthy wrote in the Sunday Times of January 3 2013:
"Adams apology was a reminder that lasting change can be achieved only when he and his generation walk away, because their personal baggage is becoming the biggest obstacle on the path to peace"

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