February 27, 2014

Art is theft, Ctd

Oliver Jeffers wrote of the subtle influence of Maurice Sendak in his work in The Guardian here:
"There is a reason the character of the Boy in my first picture books wears a red and white stripy jumper, and that reason is Maurice Sendak. Or, more specifically, that reason is an homage to my favorite monster in Sendak's most famous picture book, Where the Wild Things Are... As a young artist trying to find my style, I deliberately tried to avoid being directly influenced by – and thus compared with – such strong and unique work. However, as he so informed my childhood, I could not resist one very direct and visual tribute – a red and white stripy jumper."

In a presentation here, Oliver explains how he "referenced" the cover illustration of 'Life of Pi' in one of his illustrations for his picture book 'Lost and Found'.

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