February 11, 2014

Political correctness is the worst form of censorship, Ctd

Vivia Chen wrote about Amy Chua (@AmyChua), the 'Tiger Mom', in Time Magazine here:
"What's outrageous about some of the criticism against [Amy] Chua is that it essentially censors discussions that might touch a nerve. Labeling the speaker or the topic as exclusionary or racist is a quick way to undermine the legitimacy of the whole conversation. 
All of this speaks volumes about how uncomfortable we are about talking about race, ethnicity, and success in America. And that this discussion is now being propelled by the Tiger Mom makes a lot of people nervous." 
Elsewhere Douglas Murray (@douglaskmurray) noted the false spin in The Times where we were told that an expanding Muslim population in Britain is feeling British. Reassuring for the natives. However, what the story didn't tell was that how the growing young Muslim population has led to a commensurate rise is 'pubs, hospitals, houses and public buildings' being turned into 'Muslim private schools, madrassas, mosques and a Sharia court to satisfy rising demand from families.'

But we can't say anything. As Douglas Murray said:
"And since expressing any worries about the fact is undoubtedly terribly bigoted and nasty, we’ll all just have to nod our heads, keep our fingers crossed, mouth the same platitudes and all put our collective future in the hopes of Sheikh Mogra."
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