February 02, 2014

@DavidAllenGreen - Let's ban the banning of things

David Allen Green (@DavidAllenGreen) (@JackofKent) wrote of the political addiction to prhibition and the impulse to ban things in The New Statesman here:
"Those calling for something to be "banned" should... ask two simple questions. First, what will the prohibition do in respect of the undesired behaviour? And second, what other consequences may flow from the prohibition? Good answers to both these questions will inform the political choice as to whether such a ban should be implemented and, if so, how. We may even get better laws as a consequence; we could even get prohibitions that actually work and are proportionate. 
The call for something to be "banned" should be the start of a mature and constructive political debate, and not the end of one. Perhaps the time has come to ban just banning things."
In full here.

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