February 12, 2014

Political correctness is the worst kind of censorship, Ctd

We live in a post-Fatwa, post-Danish-cartoon age. A world where we have freedom of, but no freedom from, religion. A world where pluralism is exploited in the use against that very concept. Where liberals fail to stand up for and defend the principles they purport to live by.

In Northern Ireland loyalists get more attention not because their claims are better, but because their fringe is more vicious and violent. They avoid direct criticism by their readiness for brutality. And yet the moderate, who has equal if not better claims, cannot say a word, less they be called a snob, less they be seriously assaulted.

This is intolerable. It falls upon the liberal moderate to stand by their liberalism, pluralism and tolerance and stand against those enemies of liberalism and modernity. Nick Cohen wrote in The Rationalist:
"Once one did not write the word “liberal” and add “hypocrite”. Since the Rushdie Affair, the reflex has become automatic. The worst aspect of the fear the Islamists spread was that Western intellectuals were afraid of admitting that they were afraid. If they had been honest, they would have forced society to confront the fact of censorship. As it was, their silence made the enemies of liberalism stronger."
Our moderates are afraid. Their silence and self-censorship has encouraged and emboldened the extremist. It's long past high time we break that silence and speak up and out against the mad men who make a parody of culture and the British identity.
As Nick Cohen said:
"Appeasement feeds the beast it seeks to tame... It is best to stop them before they get started."
"If you are frightened, have the guts to say so." Failure to do so is the defeat of liberalism and surrender of free speech.
Likewise, If you are frightened, have the guts to say so. Basic free speech rule ignored by all media and people in Loyalism debate.

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