June 12, 2013

Writing a Blog is an "Art Form"

Andrea Tomkins asks here: "Is blogging an art form?" She responds:
"I think so. If art is defined as self expression, I think it can certainly be argued that blogging is art. There is, after all, an art to blogging. Just like someone can pick up a brush and express themselves with paint on canvas, I can do the same using digital tools to weave a picture out of words, sound, photo, and video. And it’s a picture that grows a little bit every day.
I think that if you pour yourself into something, and it’s truly the work of your hand working in tandem with your head and your heart, it must be art. If an artist took a giant canvas and painted something on it every day for the rest of her life, is it art? What if she decoupaged the odd receipt or bus ticket or photo in there. Is it still art?"
The legal blogger Kevin O'Keefe of LexBlog picked up on the analysis by Andrea and spun off some thoughts on how lawyers should blog. Here's some highlights for me; he said:
"Blog as you talk. It’s a conversation after all."
Also of great interest:
"Blog when you feel like it. If you’re blogging in a fashion that is true to yourself, you’ll find time for blogging and you’ll find blogging enoyable." 
"I hated to write articles. Still do. I think I have written one article in the last 10 years. Yet I have penned thousands of blog posts."
Kevin O'Keefe's blog post in full here.

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