June 05, 2013

Islamic Extremism against the United States goes back to 1788

From 2 minutes 5 seconds Christopher Hitchens explains how Islamic extremism against America has nothing to do with George Bush and everything to do with the absolute dysfunction and hatred embedded in Muslim faith.


Also, interesting quote from founder of modern Turkey on Islam:

"Islam, the theology of an immoral Arab (the Prophet Mohammed), is a dead thing. It might possibly have suited tribes of nomads in the desert, but it's no good for a modern progressive State."
- Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

You should also check out Douglas Murray's new ebook, 'Islamophilia'.

Review here:

Douglas Murray:

'ISLAMOPHILIA' shows how so many of the celebrities above, have, at some point chosen to abandon any hope or wish to criticize Islam and instead decided to profess some degree of love for it. Love, that Murray points out in the book, is often irrational and certainly misguided: Murray is not afraid to name and shame, and the book’s tour includes novelists Sebastian Faulks and Martin Amis, Boris Johnson, South Park, Tony Blair, Ridley Scott, David Cameron, Liam Neeson, Justin Bieber, Random House Publishers, the BBC, Richard Dawkins, the Prince of Wales and even George Bush. Yes, George Bush.

Six men planned terrorist attack on EDL demonstration:


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