June 17, 2013

An Open Cover Letter

Hey guys,

First up: I love the Dish. I love what it does for Dishheads, non-Dishheads, for myself, my thinking and for driving fresh thought and for creating new models of writing and online journalism.
But why would the Dish that does so much to contribute authentic writing to the internet want to be in any way associated with me, Brian Spencer - a dude from Ireland?
Well, because I am a millennial who regards himself as part of an exciting new generation and community of minds who wants to add to and create new realities.
For so long (and too long) I had gone with the status quo. I enrolled in law school and for 5 years held the faith that a college degree equated to a job and success. As I found out it isn’t. If that equation ever existed it represented the old order – now a collection of socially reinforced illusions.
For over a year I got rejection letter after rejection letter and spent week after week in an unpaid internship. I heard so many people spin off that standard one-liner: “There’re no jobs out there.” What bullshit. We’re in the midst of the greatest technological, social and cultural revolution of all time. Social media, blogging and the internet has liberalised man and woman from the old world.
I didn’t want to atrophy under the influence of unpaid and under-challenging internships. I wanted to be somebody. So I made noise. I agitated. How? By taking to my various online platforms and making my voice heard.
I also appeared on Huff Post Live with Shane Smith and Eddy Moretti to discuss youth unemployment, I went on local TV channel UTV to discuss social media law and I delivered a number of presentations to students. Like the one here.
I also created my own website, www.brianjohnspencer.com which showcases my writing and my art. I also created a website, www.legalwire.co.uk which showcases my expertise on legal blogging and online communications for law firms, lawyers and barristers.  
If this isn’t evidence of a man wholly dedicated to dedicating every single waking second of his life to creating and contributing new creations, thoughts and idea to the world I don’t know what is. If selected as Dishtern I will give every single ounce of my person and more to the position.
I hope you can seriously consider me for the position of Dishtern.

Yours sincerely,
Brian John Spencer (@brianjohnspencr)

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