June 08, 2013

The reason why Boris and Christopher Hitchens are such powerful writers...

Marcus Berkmann in the Spectator gives his thinking on why these totemic writers are so very good at their craft:

"The words are his (Boris Johnson) none-too-secret weapon. He is as natural and talented a comic writer as we have; or rather, he is as natural and talented a comic talker — for like Christopher Hitchens, he can write so fast because he is only writing down what he would have said. The rest of us have to work at our words."

In the same article Boris Johnson is quoted from a 2004 interview which gives us an insight into the secret of his writing and speaking success. He says:

"I think it’s important to remember that most people find politics unbelievably dull, so I don’t see any particular vice in trying to sugar the pill with a few jokes."

The Spectator essay in full here.


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