June 05, 2013

Education's Skills Asymmetry, Ctd

I published an essay on the Huffington Post by the title, 'Education's Skills Asymmetry' on Friday 30 May. The essay was an attempt to show the gross skills mismatch that exists between the world of education and the world of work. The effect of this is that young people leave school not work ready.

Only a few days later the Times of London published a news report by a similar title: 'Businesses urged to teach pupils how to fill skills gap'.

Pretty much an echo of what I called for less than a week earlier. In a sentence here's essentially what they said:

'A report from the government advisory body says that many young people have unrealistic career ambitions and need better advice on how to develop the qualifications and skills for specialist jobs that employers need.'

Article in full here (£).


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