December 11, 2014

An American Democrat is a British Conservative

Via The Dish
Andrew Sullivan wrote in November 2014 that 'A British Tory Is An American Democrat':
"Here’s an indication of just how far to the right the American political discourse is, compared with Britain – the developed country most in tune with American neo-liberalism (above). That’s why David Cameron and Barack Obama have long had such an easy relationship. Either one could fit easily into the other’s cabinet. And maybe it does help explain why I still consider myself a conservative. I am, as a Brit."
Ezra Klein said that "President Obama’s record makes him look like a moderate Republicans from the late-90s." Andrew Sullivan also wrote in August 2012, 'Americas Tory President':

Obama is, in my view, the conservative reformist of my dreams. Almost the entire Tory party in Britain would now fit comfortably in the Democratic Party – and Cameron is clearly closer to Obama than to Romney. In fact, there is no mainstream conservative party in the West even close to the GOP's fundamentalist, revolutionary populism.

On November 17 2011 Andrew Sullivan delivered the annual Theodore H. White Lecture and said:
"[Barack Obama is] the best conservative President since Bill Clinton."
He also said:
"So this is conservatism’s moment. It is the time we need desperately for a sober conservative force in the world. We do have one, to some extent, in our president, a man whose temperament and whose judgments are empirical and who is, in my view, a natural Burkean conservative, which is why he is despised so much by the radical party that opposes him."
Alex Massie in August 2012 explained that Obama is a Tory:
"Obama is closer to traditional north-eastern Rockefeller-Republicanism than is today’s conservative movement... There’s a better label for Obama than conservative: Tory. The President is no kind of revolutionary. The change we can believe in is the change needed so things can remain much as they were. This is one reason why he has disappointed what remains of the Democratic left. From Gitmo to drone warfare; from protecting Wall street from the torch-and-pitchfork brigade to accepting the need for long-term deficit-reduction Obama has proved himself a very rum type of peacenik-socialist."
I wrote in April 2013 that Obama was a natural British conservative which you can read here, which was followed by this piece.

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