December 22, 2014

Matt and drawing Northern Ireland politics

cartoon by Matt cartoons following the OTR letter scandal
He shared a funny anecdote on Northern Ireland:
"I do remember doing a cartoon about a republican jail break some years ago, and in it they were tunnelling out dressed as a snake. I can’t remember why. But anyway, The Telegraph’s legal team is famously ferocious about copyright. They usually let nothing drop. But when they got wind that the cartoon had been reprinted without permission in An Phoblacht, they thought, ‘actually, we’ll let this one go on this occasion’."
Joe Nawaz said:
"A disconcertingly edifying notion that royalty and republicans alike can find common ground in the gentle barbs of this master satirist."
More cartoons by Matt on Ireland and Northern Ireland can be seen here and below:

As for the above, on November 21 2010 Brian Cowen announced that Ireland had sought a bailout from the EU-IMF-ECB, and this matt cartoon was published on November 23, as explained here.

"Will sir be wearing his I formal balaclava" 

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