March 14, 2014

Ian Knox speaks with The Detail

Barry McCaffrey (@Barry_TheDetail) with Ian Knox, in full here.
Barry McCaffrey (@Barry_TheDetail) interviewed the famous political cartoonist Ian Knox on behalf of the Detail here. I took a selection of screen shots from the interview which includes Ian at work and some of his cartoons.

Pictures of Ian and I drawing together here. My coverage of Ian Knox's December 2013 exhibition, 'Lifelines and Deadlines' here. A previous blog post with a selection of photos of Ian Knox here. My article here on why we need to do more to promote and widen the reach of the work of Ian Knox and why we need an Ian Knox prize to encourage satire and political cartooning; like the Herb Block foundation which is funded with $50 million to be bequeathed to:
"encourage the art of editorial cartooning and to support charitable and educational programs that help promote and support the causes he championed."
We need this in Northern Ireland and Ireland. Click below to see a selection of photos of Ian during his interview with The Detail:

Ian Knox's take on finding a replacement for Nuala O'Loan as Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland


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