March 31, 2014

Ian Knox cartoons and political correctness as censorship, Ctd

[DISCLAIMER: When I speak of loyalists I do not speak of all loyalists. I speak of a small violent minority]*

[DISCLAIMER: I am an equal opportunities adversary and I hold violent republicans in equal contempt to violent loyalists]*

It's well documented that Ian Knox draws loyalists and loyalist paramilitaries as knuckle-dragging empty-heads. It nothing new. He's been doing it for decades. By doing this he adheres to two codes. 

Firstly, he is adhering to the unwritten convention of the political cartoonist. It is their job to be cutting and incisive and even to offend. 

Secondly, he is adhering to speaking plain English. To calling a stone-throwing thug a stone-throwing-thug. And the beauty of political cartoons is that they're super-distilled plain English. As John Gilroy, creator of the Guinness posters, said:
"The man in the street has no time for contemplation. My posters are therefore, a kind of aesthetic meal-in-a-minute."
Once you start looking for root causes, you start to absolve people of their responsibility.* Once you start saying, oh it's only a small minority, you start to absolve people of their responsibility.* Acts of lawlessness are not isolated. They are routine. That deserves contempt and calling to account. That does not deserve pandering to.

It was said before that a loyalist former-prisoner said that Ian Knox's cartoons had more effect on him than any media report or community event. Let there be more plain English. Let there be more calling to account of violent extremists.Let there be less political correctness. Let there be less fear.

Ian Knox cartoons of loyalist:

Ian Knox cartoons of republicans:

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