March 26, 2014

David Allen Green (@JackofKent) - The pointlessness of a law degree

David Allen Green wrote here about the pointlessness of a law degree:
"The one thing a law degree is not particularly useful for is the practice of law. In fact, it may well be the last degree one should do if the ambition is to be a practising lawyer."
"A law degree can even be worse than useless."
And so:
"Do not waste three years of your life on a LLB, for there is nothing in answering the clever questions of law academics that will get you very far in in a courtroom or with a client.
"The only thing an LLB contract course and typical contract drafting and negotiation have in common is the word “contract”."
He finished with a flourishing metaphor:
"But the academic study of law is like reading sheet music without an instrument: one can more or less make it out, but as with music, law only comes alive in its performance."
Leonard Duricic of Bechstein Piano also gave us a flourishing metaphor:
"If you only learn theory, it’s like learning to swim by reading a book - it’s not the same, so you need both."
 This is an example of the wishy washy carers advice they're giving out now that I got in 2005:
"Employers across the spectrum respect law degrees because they know law is a tough discipline that helps you to develop analytical skills."
It's bollocks. An employer does not want you to think like a lawyer. They want you to do it. David Allen Green in full here.

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