May 20, 2013

"It's the Flags Stupid, Not the Economy" (Ian Knox)

This Ian Knox cartoon with the caption,"It's the Flags Stupid," (a take on the famous quote here from Clinton) captures most perfectly how very incredibly Northern Ireland politics and many within Northern Ireland society are entirely detached from mainstream 21st Century living.

As for the original quote - "It's the economy stupid" - what did it actually mean? Donald Riley explains here and excerpted below (emphases mine):
'It’s the economy because without a strong one, there is nothing else. There is no national defense. There are no entitlement programs. There is no discretional spending.'
See a selection of Ian Knox prints for sale here.

See an archive of Ian Knox's work from the 'If You Ask Me' segment on the BBC's Hearts and Minds show here.

See Nelson McCausland's recent attack on Ian Knox here.

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