May 18, 2013

Ben Bernanke on Change

ben bernanke graduation commencement

We humans are always all too happy to uphold the status quo. Sure why not? Keeping things as they are can often be in the interest of a great many. For others it just requires too much effort.

For young people in Northern Ireland, where youth unemployment stands at 23.8%, they should be particularly mindful of the need to not settle for conventional thinking; to not accept the status quo.

As I've quoted many times before, Tim Ferriss said:
'Conventional thinking is a fragile collection of socially reinforced illusions.'
Young people need to constantly question facts and realities as they are.
'To see what's in front of ones nose needs a constant struggle.'
- George Orwell
Young people should not be happy to just coast along. That way of being is destined to deliver failure or mediocrity at best.

Ben Bernanke recently spoke on the need to change. By extension we can extend this to our though patterns and outlook on life. He said:
"The history of technological innovation and economic development teaches us that change is the only constant," he said.

"During your working lives, you will have to reinvent yourselves many times. Success and satisfaction will not come from mastering a fixed body of knowledge but from constant adaptation and creativity in a rapidly changing world. Engaging with and applying new technologies will be a crucial part of that adaptation."
Full transcript of Ben Bernanke's speech to Bard College graduating class available here. Reporting here.

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