July 18, 2013

"[Art and writing] is theft", Ctd

The above image is a compilation of two images, of which, the one on the right is plainly a "theft" of that on the left. Sourced here.
I've cited Maria Popova numerous times before, including here and here. Another time here. All on the creative process of writing and creating art. Then I featured Alexia Tsotsis here. I've done loads more which you can look around for.

This time it's Maria again. Who, writing here, again explained the laws that govern art:
"All creativity builds upon something that existed before and every work of art is essentially a derivative work."
Maria then takes it back to the art of writing to explain things a little deeper; how everything created is effectively part of one giant interconnected web. We just have to wait until the maths-heads can chart it all. Maria explains:
'Here’s Kevin Kelly, futurist and Wired founder and brilliant, brilliant man, pondering the future of the book:
"Over the next century, scholars and fans, aided by computational algorithms, will knit together the books of the world into a single networked literature. A reader will be able to generate a social graph of an idea, or a timeline of a concept, or a networked map of influence for any notion in the library. We’ll come to understand that no work, no idea, stands alone, but that all good, true and beautiful things are networks, ecosystems of intertwingled parts, related entities and similar works.”
On another post here, Maria cites Einstein:
Substantiating Einstein’s bold contention that “the secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”
When using the term "substantiating", Maria is referring to this site here. A Flickr account that documents all the best rip-offs and plagiarisms.

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