July 21, 2013

Writing on paper, Ctd

Via the Dish (here) I came across this Slate Magazine article entitled, 'I Write All My Blog Posts Out Longhand, and You Should Too'.

Justin Peters said:

"I am a professional blogger, and in many ways I live up to the least flattering stereotypes of the job... But I defy the stereotypes in at least one respect: I write most of my blog posts out by hand before I publish them... 
I've always enjoyed writing things by hand, but I didn't formalize the process until I started blogging daily for Slate. Almost every morning, before the day starts and I start drowning in emails, I go to a coffee shop with a pen and a small Moleskine notebook. There, I try to conceive and write drafts of two separate posts before 10:30 a.m. Then, it’s back to my apartment, where I shed my pants, transcribe, and refine what I’ve written. (One of the nice things about writing my posts by hand is that it allows for a built-in revision process.) 
I can write in my notebook anywhere and everywhere. I will frequently bring it with me and dash off a rough draft while in transit—waiting for the subway, sitting on a bus. This is very convenient, as it allows me to be productive on the go without having to own a smartphone. (My current cellphone is at least 10 years old … but that’s a story for another time.) 
Sometimes, of course, I am forced to compose directly to the computer. I can make this work, but I don’t prefer it. I write faster and better when I write by hand. More importantly, I just enjoy writing more when I’m not staring at a screen. When I write with a pen rather than a keyboard, it feels like I’m writing, like literate men and women have done for centuries before me. (That’s how George Eliot did all of her “Dumb Criminal of the Week” posts, I’m sure.)"

I've previously covered Andrew Sullivan who looked at the analog habits of Craig Fehrma, here. You can also read an earlier post on 'Writing on paper' which featured the habits of Neil Gaiman, here.

Justin Peters in full on Slate here.

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