July 29, 2013

Reimagine, create new rules, lead the world

We're living through incredibly difficult days. It's painful for everyone, young and old. But especially the young. However, too often we think that the best is past and that we've missed the boat.

Au contraire! We have been given a fit and healthy body: the best and finest instrument you will ever possess. And we live in a world where young men and women are creating multi-billion dollar companies in their bedroom. With that I say, yes there are difficulties, but we are living in an age of immense opportunity. And age in which young and old can take control and actively shape the rules and the world around them.

Read Maria Popova's take on it here:
"We live at a time when we have a rare opportunity to make up the rules, because they haven’t been invented yet. To set the standards and the norms and the honorable way of doing things. And this, I believe, is our responsibility as publishers and curators and consumers of information. Again, it comes down to choice: The normative models we choose today will shape how much our culture will value this form of creative labor tomorrow."

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