January 23, 2015

Christopher Hitchens' regret - Not writing more to people

Christopher Hitchens by Martin Rowson
The combative and confrontational Christopher Hitchens died of cancer in 2011. In 2010 he spoke with Jeremy Paxman, reflecting on his past and politics. At the end he shared a regret
"In case you are watching this anybody, and you ever wonder whether to write to any one, always do, because you’d be surprised by much of difference it can make. Here’s a regret: I regret not doing it more often myself." 
Take heed. He also said in 2011, "I feel very envious of someone who is young and active and starting out". Also read Christopher Hitchens on how to succeed here, where he said:
"I think my life changed when I moved to Washington because I became a really hard worker. A person of almost iron self discipline. I built my own workspace at home. I never went to an office anymore. I didn't hang out with people at lunch. Got on with it. If I wasn't reading, I was writing. It's 'cause there are no distractions in Washington DC. Washington was like taking my vow."

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