April 17, 2014

Political correctness is the worst kind of censorship, Ctd

On BBC Radio 4, Woman's Hour of March 26 2014, Julie Bindel, journalist and founder of Justice for Women, said:
"White liberals are terrified of being called Islamophobic or racist... [and they] capitulate to the religious patriarchs rather than stand with secular feminists. Those Muslim born feminists, Southall Black Sisters is one organisation that refuses to capitulate to religious patriarchy, but still fights racism and cultural imperialism; and that's the kind of feminism that I stand with."
"I refuse to be one of those white liberals who ends up on the side of the religious patriarchs... I stand by my sisters in the global feminist movement."
Sara Khan, director of Muslim Human Rights organisation, Inspire, said of feminists on the right:

"What I have found is that feminists on the right have often attacked me because I am a Muslim. [Saying,] 'You cannot be a feminist and a Muslim.' At the same time, I've had Muslims who've said 'you can't be a feminist' or 'you can't be a Muslim because you're a feminist."
Of feminists on the left:
"I've also had terribles experience with feminists on the left who've said you can't talk about gender discrimination in the Muslim community because that's going to create Islamophobia."
On Laurie Penny and the debate on segregation of women:
"The classic argument is Laurie Pennie's. She basically argued that this argument around segregation is not feminism, it is about Islamophobia. I actually cried when I read that article. Because she had completely ignored voices like mine... It is about women's rights."
Irshad Manji said in the Spectator:
"The time has come for more of us, Muslim and non-Muslim, to hold the would-be censors to account by demonstrating moral courage. During my book tours, a pattern has emerged: on the campuses of western universities, good-hearted people whisper that they support my mission to reconcile Islam and freedom. Muslims fear community disapproval. Non-Muslims are terrified of being labelled bigots."

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