December 04, 2013

Political cartoonists in the digital age

In The New Statesman here Helen Lewis asked: "can political cartoonists can survive in the digital age?" In a piece by the title, "Loss of habitat threatens cartoonist species" Andy Davey wrote on the matter here:
"I am a member of an endangered species; no, not just homo sapiens sapiens but a rarer and more endangered sub-species; the cartoonists. In fact, my small colony is a sub-sub-species – the few who actually (well, as I write) make a living from the practice. The fact is that habitat change is threatening us. I am extremely lucky to have made it through the Darwinian undergrowth to find this sun-dappled glade where I can reflect on how our small herd got here and to muse about the path ahead. If you’ll indulge me, here goes. Like the WWF, I’m aware of you, dear sympathy-fatigued readers, so in the following paragraphs I’m hoping to strike a bold, rakish balance between abject sorrow at the dwindling numbers of a once-majestic species and an uplifting message of feel-good hope about the future [extended conservation metaphor ends]."
He wrote here:
"The ever-eloquent Rowson always likens us to parasites who will find a host even in the most unforgiving of environments. Our forbears were hosted by Georgian coffee shops, pompous, dry Victorian magazines and eventually newspapers."

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